Because why go outside (gasp!) and get involved when you can just like and reblog posts from the comfort of your home.

Because sometimes you’re young, and can’t leave your area, or parents won’t let You get involved. so the only thing you can do is spread the message so someone who can help will see it. 

"Aaaand made a comic to make people feel bad about themselves, when I’m not doing anything either. Gee that was good use of my time." 

(also disabilities or social anxieties, not being where the chaos is happening, etc) but idk why you guys act like tumblr activists never go to protests. A lot of us do, we’re actually more likely to. We jus realize that spreading awareness on this platform is needed to further efforts, thats the point of protests to not only to get attention of ppl in charge but to spread awareness. If u honestly are more concerned w oppressor feelings rather than gettin out info about the oppressed, OP you are in no way either activists. Plus “make love not war” is the corniest overused shit and i feel like u’ve either never been to a recent protest or only been to a white one rioting over “why is my water so spicy !!!” finally, often posts like “white people ruin everything” are jus rants from frustrated poc since this is a blogging site and also a safe place. We are in fact oppressed by whites and those posts arent harming anyone bc whites are so highly privileged. Quit bein a punk.

niggas is literally protesting and getting arrested and shot at b I’ve got to put my neck on the line so your smug ass can feel higher than me
instead of drawing this shitty, ugly, overused and overdone comic, you could literally just gone to a protest or something, since that’s the “best” option

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i can ship it

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chief-pan , everybody.

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haha! have fun at highschool today NERDS. i’m gonna be doing cool ADULT stuff like sleeping WHENEVER i want and CRYING 

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Carefully notice the lack of logical thinking here. She’s not even following the line of questioning.

When privilege is in question, no matter how ignorant or intelligent a person is, they tend to retreat to illogical arguments that are easily refuted and they kinda resemble toddlers, except I actually like toddlers and toddlers make more sense.

And honestly, many White women would not tolerate such ridiculous arguments, lack of empathy and self-centeredness ("why bring up race if it’s not a problem for you?") if the question was gender and a White man posed this foolishness to them. They wouldn’t tolerate it. They would easily expose the ignorance. But magically when privilege (in this case White privilege) is in question, all bets are off.

The last GIF explains my life in so many ways… *rolls eyes*

The weirdest thing is that though this is from a satirical show (The Daily Show) and meant to discuss racism with humor, these are the real answers that most Whites give daily, so I couldn’t really laugh this time. I just felt tired.

the perils of trying to communicate this to white people in debates. in the many debates I’ve had the chance of witnessing, race comes up about 80% of the time, when discussing this in a diverse setting. and for whites, sometimes their mindset is ‘oh, why are they pulling the race card.’ but for blacks it’s, ‘understand that purely based off of what I look like, I will experience something totally different, give me the chance to explain.’

this always makes me cringe

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Gemini: image



Virgo: image




Capricorn: image



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30 Day Haikyuu!! Challenge!  Day Twenty Four: The character 
that you relate to the most
↪ Yamaguchi Tadashi, Karasuno's Pinch Server
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"whats tumblr? what do you do on there?"


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Original idea from Yacchins


Original idea from Yacchins

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The Chief of Police justifies the use of a tazer on an 8 year old girl by saying they could have used their guns or batons, essentially. What restraint.

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this one wasnt even a theme its based on a convo i had with pan about cruel shit i laugh at and end up drawing im the worse
if you understand the joke i just wanna say im kinda sorry


this one wasnt even a theme its based on a convo i had with pan about cruel shit i laugh at and end up drawing im the worse

if you understand the joke i just wanna say im kinda sorry

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Sheldon Cooper is Not good asexual representation. Doctor Who is Not good asexual representation. asexuality is not a trait reserved for nerdy awkward butts of jokes and alien life forms 

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